F & B Trenchless Solutions can offer a range of Micro Tunnelling solutions from 600mm to 1800mm diameter, using dry or slurry techniques. Our specialist equipment was manufactured by Herrenkenecht and Wirth/Soltau. Each of these machines is available with soft, mixed or rock Cutter Heads.

The Micro Tunnelling equipment is capable of mining through a variety of ground conditions ranging from wet sands to hard rock up to 400MPa. This method is the preferred method of tunnelling for leading rail networks and for most highway authorities when crossing their infrastructure.

Our Mirco Tunnelling Equipment
  • Wirth RVS 1800
  • Wirth RVS 1500
  • Wirth Soltau 250/A
  • Herrenknecht AVN1200
  • Herrenknecht AVN 1000

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